On 29th October 2019 Tulli has joined her mother becoming a Field Trial Champion 




In 1997,  long before we knew anything about the shooting world, our first Large Munsterlander puppy arrived.  She was called Willow and although we did no gundog training until she was over a year old we did play at obedience, tracking, some working trials training and agility.  We also took part in search and rescue training with the local police force.  She was followed a year later by Bison who we rehomed.  He was nearly the same age as Willow and he soon joined in with all the activities we took part in. 

Once the gundog work bug started to bite Willow was doing very well in the working tests she entered and she also did some picking up on a shoot we still attend 20 years further on.   In the year of foot and mouth our family was joined by Grouse.  She was the first puppy we had who was going to be a 'gundog' right from the start and she again did very well in working/pointing tests, and she too was picking up and being shot over. 





Two years later Inca joined the family and she was with us until late 2015.  Inca was the first one who I entered in field trials and she managed to gain 9 awards before Ekko arrived, unexpectedly.


Inca, Grouse, Ekko


After keeping a puppy from Tulli's first litter in 2016 (Indie) and then one from her second litter in 2018 (Rivva) we now have four Large Munsterlanders.  Ekko is now 12 and Tulli (Ekko's daughter) is six years old.  Indie is 3 and Rivva is now 18 months.  They are all part of the family, live in the house and go most places that we go. They are more than happy to just chill out when we are at home but are rearing to go when we are out working.









                       Rivva and her mother Tulli grouse counting in July 2019

They have/do all work although Ekko is now feeling her age.   Grouse counting, working tests, field trials, pointing tests and out in the shooting field - picking up and the 'real' hpr work.   I expect her to be out with us picking up this season but she won't do much as the Welsh hills take their toll.



Ekko has done amazingly well in the field.  She became only the second Field Trial Champion in the breed (the first being 28 years before) in 2012 and also gained 18 field trial awards which made her the breed record holder at that time.  By the time Tulli became a Field Trial Champion and was retired from trialling she had gained 20 awards.


Tulli - F.T. Ch Ekkolander Tullibardine (21.06.13) 

Tulli is the puppy I kept from Ekko's litter (Field Trial Champion Tarkanya Spikeys Splendour).  She was born on 21st June 2013.  She lives in the house along with Ekko and they are both well and truly part of the family.  

Tulli  has been doing very well with her working training gaining awards in puppy and novice working tests last summer and even gaining two Field Trial Awards last season when she was only 18 months old.  She has also gained two grouse pointing gradings recently and one on partridge.  She  ran in two Open working tests last summer (2015) winning the first one with a First place and gaining a Fourth place at the second.  She is very biddable and a lovely dog to take out working.  So far this season she has been awarded a 1st and a 2nd place in All Aged Field Trials.
  In November 2015 at nearly 2 1/2 years old, Tulli  won a 1st place at an Open Field Trial giving her 'a leg up'.  

She needs to win one more Open to become a Field Trial champion like her mother. She has  gained a few awards in  Open Field Trials but not that elusive other 1st as yet.  Tulli now has eighteen Field Trial awards - three Open 2nds this  but not the necessary 1st.

NEWSFLASH  On 29th October 2019 at the Large Munsterlander Club Open Field Trial held at Anley, judged by Peter Howard and Eddie Kania, Tulli was awarded her second First Place making her our second Field Trial Champion.  

I am so proud to now have both Mother and daughter Field Trial Champions.

Tulli has had all her health tests done and the results are as follows:


Hips:     3/3
Elbows:   0
Shoulders were x-rayed excellent
She is HUU clear as was the whole litter
Eyes - tested clear

These tests can all be verified on the Kennel Club website.


The sire of Tulli's second litter was  Axl - Quilesta So Majestic for Rockfest.  He is a beautiful boy with a wonderful temperament.  He has had all of his health tests done:
Hips: 4,6
Elbows: 0
Eyes: clear
HUU: clear by DNA


If anyone would like any more information please get in touch.  You can e.mail me at  lagopus@btinternet.com or telephone 01352716099/07748207099

If you look on our Facebook page -
Ekkolander Large Munsterlanders - there are plenty of photos of all of my dogs.




(There are plenty more photos of Tulli on my Facebook page which is Ekkolander Large Munsterlanders)



EKKO - F.T. Ch. Tarkanya Spikeys Splendour  (25.05.07)


Ekko is a wonderful working bitch with a lovely temperament and a very soft mouth.  She has numerous Working Test awards, several pointing test gradings and eighteen Field Trial awards including Firsts in novice, All Aged and now two Firsts in Open.  Ekko was the first Munsterlander to win an Open Field Trial since 1984 and after her second  win in 2012 she was  only the second Field Trial Champion in the breed in the UK.  (Last season a third was made up)  She was worked  as often as possible as an HPR and  also picked up on a few shoots.   There are several videos on YouTube from when she was 8 weeks old.  If you search Ekko, Munsterlander posted by lagopuslagopus you should be able to find them.


    Ekko retrieving pricked snipe



Ekko retrieving pricked pheasant and winning 1st place at novice Field Trial  


Indie is the puppy we have kept from Tulli's first litter.  She is doing very well with her training.  She loves to retrieve and has loads of drive when hunting.  I love watching puppies learn from all the experiences they encounter.



Indie ran in her first Grouse Pointing Test on 5th March and was graded Very Good followed by a second Very Good at the next one. 


We all went for a day out at Crufts yesterday.  Tulli (Indie's Mum) and Ekko (Indie's Grandma) were both in the Field Trial Bitch class and came 1st and 2nd.  Indie was entered in Bitch Puppy and came 1st. She was on her own so it wasn't very hard but she then went up against one of her brothers (who had beaten three others) and was awarded Best Puppy.  Her brothers were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Dog puppy class and Rubles (their Dad) won his Open Dog class.


Indie did amazingly well in the working tests  this summer. In the Puppy tests she had six 1st and two 2nd places.  She won her second Novice test at 13 months old and then at fifteen months old she actually won two Open tests. 

We are now working towards trying to get her shot over but that is easier said than done :-)  We don't really show but did go to Crufts this year where Indie won her Postgraduate Bitch class.  We have had a few visit up to the moor where she has been pointing grouse.


Ekkolander Dark Rivva - Rivva (19-06-2018)

Rivva is the puppy I kept from Tulli's second and final litter.  We haven't been to many working tests this summer so we entered Puppy and Novice at the few we went to.  She managed to gain a 4th place and two 1sts in the Puppy classes and also two CoMs and a 1st place in Novice (12 months old), as well as passing the Kennel Club's Working Gundog Certificate while at Chatsworth, when she was still only 12 months old.  She is doing really well, also having been awarded three Goods and a very Good at Grouse pointing tests.  

I have had Rivva's hips and elbows scored and her results were really pleasing.
     Hips:      0/0
     Elbows:  0
     HUU hereditarily clear (but also tested)

Luckily we were able to have a litter from Rivva in April 2021 and I have kept a puppy from that litter who is called Mahli (Ekkolander Malbec).

Unfortunately we were unable to enter any field trials with Rivva last season but in her first Novice Field Trial run on grouse in August 2021 she won the trial with a First place.  As the rules have changed this season she still has to win another Novice or a 1st/2nd in an All Aged trial to get priority in the draw for an Open trial.


...and finally on to Mahli


EKKOLANDER MALBEC - Mahli  (19-04-21)